About M5ARTS


ANNOUNCEMENT: For artists interested in the site, we will host two site tours at The Jade, 1118 7th Street:

Thursday, December 10th, 2015 at 3pm

Saturday, December 12th, 2015 at 3 pm.

M5ARTS presents ‘ART HOTEL,’ a vacant apartment building that will be transformed into a temporary art space in February 2016 and torn down following the exhibition.  Artists from all over the world will be presented in, on, around and through the building for one week.

Submission Deadline: December 30, 2015

Site Available to Working Artists: January 2nd – 31st, 2016

Exhibition Dates: February 4th – 13th, 2016

Location: The historic Jade Apartments at 1118 7th Street in Sacramento, California.

Requested Media: Painting, Photography, Sculpture, Video, and Performance.

Guidelines: No age restrictions, no submission fees. Please note that all artwork must be removed at the end of the exhibition or it will be torn down during the impending renovation.

Eligible Artwork may:

  • Be the work of an individual artist or a team
  • Fit to the theme
  • Be any medium
  • Be a single piece, a series, an installation with multiple components, or any other output that can be exhibited in the space.
  • Be any size, provided it fits in the space.

Eligible Artwork must:

  • Be wholly owned by the Artist or team of Artists.
  • Not infringe on third party rights.


In your proposal, please include an Artist Statement and proposed artwork description should each be kept to 500 words max. Supporting documents should include:

  • A completed Submission Form
  • A CV, kept to one page in length, with no more than 5 supporting documents should be sent in no larger than 800px width, 72dpi. It is best to submit images that either show the project you are proposing or support it.
  • Links to a web site are encouraged.

An individual artist may submit up to 3 individual project submissions.

All submissions are evaluated and selected based on artistic merit, project feasibility, and the artwork’s connection to the curatorial team and the interpretation of the M5ARTS 2015 theme (see below). Incomplete or late submissions or proposals that do not meet these guidelines will not be accepted.

Theme Framework

‘Topologies of Representation.’

Our aim is to bring together artists from different disciplines and experiences to Sacramento, for a project shaped by an intense, site-specific working-researching experience. This collaborative process will serve as a vessel to explore visual language and the spectrum of topological schemas.

The query: What topology collectively brings art together, and how do different mediums operate in collaboration with each other?

A topology connects and anticipates contemporary art techniques and forms through various mediums, and forms of (non) material knowledge transmission.

One might wonder what exactly is meant by the concept of ‘topology;’ a look at art history might give us some idea.

Nicolas Schöffer, one of the creators of interactive art who fashioned a spatio-dynamic form in Liège in 1961, developed a project for the city that was to be prepared according to five topologies disclosed in a declaration, published in 1964 and reads:

  1. Time: the topology of rhythms, in reference to the density of visual events;
  2. Light: the topology of light, in relation to diurnal and nocturnal installations;
  3. Sound: the topology of the audible, with natural and artificial sounds;
  4. Climate: the topology of natural and artificial climatic currents, playing on temperature, humidity, wind;
  5. Space: the topology of space where circulation is organized horizontally and vertically, but also obliquely, ensuring space therapy through space.

A  ‘topology’ can be read as something that filters substances and elements passing through cultural fields: mediums, activity, and motion, moods, and content, perceptual experience and impact.

We await your proposal.

Sumissions should meet the above criteria and be submitted via email only, to mfivearts@gmail.com. If accepted, you will be contacted by January 1st, 2016.

Thank You and Good Luck!

The M5ARTS Curatorial Team –  M5arts.com

2 thoughts on “About M5ARTS”

  1. The week in Feburary that the exhibit will be open, will it be open 24/7 or will it have exhibit hours throughout the week?


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